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Adults 19-64 years old

450,000 Virginians enrolled in health coverage through Medicaid expansion!

We could never envision that we would reach this milestone amid a historic health emergency, but the timing is a reminder of the importance of state leaders' decision to expand this vital program. Medicaid is an essential tool in the Commonwealth's response to COVID-19. Thousands of individuals are experiencing the loss of employment and insurance, and we want them to know that we are here to help them access health care during this critical time.we are here to help them access health care during this critical time."                                                                                                                                     
                                                                                                                  - DMAS Director Karen Kimsey

More adults in Virginia can now get high-quality, low- or no-cost health insurance. Virginians ages 19-64 can apply any time to get the health care they need.

Who qualifies for Virginia Medicaid?

Who qualifies for Virginia Medicaid?

Do you qualify for health benefits?

To find out if you may qualify, use the Eligibility Screening Tool. Eligibility for health coverage is based on income plus other factors. This tool screens for income only. You may qualify for coverage based on other things like age or disability. To get a full review, you need to apply. To learn more, go to Apply.

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What are the income limits?

You may qualify for Virginia Medicaid if you make less than:

Family size Monthly Yearly
1 $1,482 $17,775
2 $2,004 $24,040
3 $2,526 $30,305
4 $3,048 $36,570
5 $3,570 $42,836
6 $4,092 $49,101
7 $4,614 $55,366
8 $5,136 $61,631
Each additional $523 $6,266

2021 Income Guidelines as of January 13, 2021

Former foster care individuals

Adults from ages 18 to 26 can get Medicaid if they were in foster care and had Medicaid in any state on their 18th birthday. There is no income limit for this program.

Breast and Cervical Cancer Prevention and Treatment Act

Individuals may qualify if they were screened by the Virginia Department of Health’s Every Woman’s Life program or the Project Wish program and were diagnosed with and need treatment for breast or cervical cancer. 

The Virginia Department of Health’s Every Woman’s Life program screeners decide who qualifies for this program. For more information, go to

Resources for advocates

For helpful resources to assist you with outreach, go to Advocates.

How do you apply?

If you think your children qualify, go to Apply.

Where to learn more

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

[PDF] (English)
[PDF] (Spanish)

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New Adult Health Coverage Brochure

[PDF] (English)
[PDF] (Spanish)

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New Adult Health Coverage Poster

[PDF] (English)
[PDF] (Spanish)

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New Adult Health Coverage Flyer

[PDF] (English)
[PDF] (Spanish)

Member Handbook

[PDF] Member Handbook (English)
[PDF] Member Handbook (Spanish)

Learn more about the new health coverage for adults in these languages: 
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